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Dr. Clare W. Graves Spirál Dynamics teszt eredménye (http://www.clarewgraves.com/home.html):

1) tájékoztatást nyújt az emberi értékek és viselkedési modellek alapján azokat a jelenlegi körülmények között az élete, és nem arról, hogy milyen típusú a személyiség,
2) semmi köze a típusú személyiség valamely személy,
3) segít megérteni a motivációs mag és a fő élet értékeit egy személy a jelenlegi körülmények között az élete,
4) segítenek megérteni a sajátosságait gondolkodás és a személyiség alapvető programok egy személy a jelenlegi körülmények között az élet (miért gondolja úgy dönt;);
5) ad tájékoztatást, hogy milyen értékeket kell egy személy, hogy egy helyen egy csapat türkiz szervezetek (új életkörülmények).

Az értékek egy szín,% -ban kifejezve, relatív (nem abszolút) érték van jelen a másik színű. A százalékos százalékos (%) 8 színben 100%. Így 33% -a az egyik szín a 0% a másik szín mutatnak jelentős túlsúlya.

A vizsgálati eredmények azt mérlegelik:
1) ez csak egy nyilatkozatot értékek emberi,
1.1. Meg lehet építeni egy előrejelzést a személy (emberek csoportja) a viselkedés modell az ő / ő bejelentett értékeket az aktuális életfeltételek
1.2. Az előrejelzés kiigazítást igényel megfigyelésére tényleges viselkedése egy személy (egy csoport ember)
2) segítségével mind megfogalmazásában a viselkedés ez a személy (egy csoport ember), és hogy a döntést a kész munkát egy személy (embercsoport), hogy elfogadja őket (és) új értékeket élő új körülmények között.

FONTOS! Ha megváltoztatja az életkörülmények, a személy meg tudja változtatni a viselkedési mintát.
Most az adatbázisba vannak 5'500 egyedi vizsgálati eredmények (diagramok), ami azt mutatja, a nagy típusválaszték az emberi viselkedés különböző életkörülmények.

Egy mély megértése az eredményeket a vizsgálat, javasoljuk, hogy olvassa el a könyvet a következő részben „Spiral Dynamics” (https://sdtest.us/hu/spiraldynamics).

Egy élet

0%bézs In these conditions of life, the existence of man is fully striving for survival. All forces are used to stay alive and satisfy basic physical needs - to eat and drink. The instinct of self-preservation leads to the fact that sexual desires are satisfied as they arise at the animal level. A person does not think about planning his future, he lives with the needs of one day. All the feelings of a person are under the authority of his body, and not deliberate reflection on the essence and meaning. The result = 0% indicates that you have other living conditions.
0%lila Under these conditions of life, people believe that they are secure and protected by blood ties, great family ties and the use of magical power emanating from the world of spirits. The history of ancestors is sacred for people and they believe in their help. The life is filled with the preservation and performance of rites and rituals that are accompanied by music and dance. The special ceremonies serve to ensure harmony with nature. The result = 0% indicates that you have other living conditions.
7%pirosA fejlődő
13%kék Under these conditions of life, a person searches for the meaning and purpose of life, believes in a single force that governs the whole world and determines his destiny. The truths of this power are just, unchanging and stable. These truths provide order and structure not only on Earth, but also in Heaven. The man acquires meaning in the observance of these truths, he stands firmly on the side of everything right and good, and always voluntarily fulfills the instructions of true authority. Walking along the appointed path of Truth, a person is ready to give up (sacrifice) his momentary desires in the hope that in the future he will be rewarded for it. The red-BLUE entry phase (<= 13%) is characterized by the appearance of thoughts about the only right way in life, the goal becomes the motive and the cause of actions. The reflections appear about the feeling of guilt that arises after some actions, and the willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of correcting the situation and restoring justice and their honor. In the family, such a person sets the standards of relationships, teaches observance of the rules of behavior and morality, each family member is assigned a specific place. The family is a place of storage of values, rules and truths At the heart of the training is the assertion that Power is the source of truth, the traditional movement up the ladder of life is observed, at each level of which discipline and duty require adherence to morality, and punishment comes for mistakes.
20%narancs In these conditions of life, a person wants a “good life”, achievements and gains in a world that is full of opportunities for those who weigh risks and realize the chance given to them. First, a person must believe in himself and only after that everything will fall into place. The life is full of uncertainties, but as a good player, a person analyzes all options, makes bets and wins. If structures and rules constrain progress, then they should be replaced by other approaches proven by experience and help improve life with the help of science and technology. A man is so confident in his abilities that he is ready to change the whole world for the better. He enjoys the competition and longs for victory. In the middle phase of ORANGE (13% - 26%) thinking is asserted about material benefits and privileges, the willingness to change for the sake of progress; success is the only criterion for completing the business. The family must meet the career aspirations up and be mobile when you need to change their place of residence. The family also begins to devote enough time to its image and comparison of itself with other families. The training is based on trial and error, begin to attract mentors. The expected result of the training is the ability to find, capture and control niches, as well as create competitive advantages.
27%zöldA fejlődő
27%sárgaA fejlődő
7%türkizA fejlődő

Vezetoi stilus

Manuális irányítás Szabályos Újító

Az üzleti

0%bézsReread the description in “In Life” section and proceed to familiarize yourself with the “In Business” behavior patterns in other colors.
0%lila In these conditions of life, a person has a well-developed intuition, the work focuses on content and experience, rather than on performing work on time, which is often expressed not only in being late for meetings, but also in skipping meetings. For such people, healthy social relationships in a group are more important than the production schedules. The business is built on ethnicity and / or kinship. The council of relatives is often a decision-making body, and the leader plays the role of chairman of the board and announces decisions. In such a business, the role of a leader does not imply autocracy, but rather consists in coordinating opinions, directing and controlling family welfare. The life of a leader belongs to the family, where he serves the clan, and not vice versa. The PURPLE leaders proclaim consensus and serve to maintain balance in the group. If the leaders manage to reach the PURPLE level, then they get so strong power over the people that no “facts” or even human decency can not break this bond. In such organizations, fairy tales and scientific facts are often confused - the emphasis on respect for related values often takes people's thoughts by searching and exposing conspiracies, rather than developing the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, which leads business to ruin. The great attention is paid to luck talismans, for example: in Taiwan, businessmen with the aim of impressing friends and partners eat the meat of endangered species of tigers at the conclusion of transactions. A tie with the emblem of a prestigious student society, a knock on wood and salt thrown over the shoulder are all signs and mysticism of the PURPLE. In PURPLE organizations, it is difficult to use ORANGE incentives in the form of individual rewards, since a reward for individual achievements separates good employees from the whole group / family. On the other hand, the 100% participation of workers in the union is likely to lead to an increase in the overall level of wages, and not to a change towards orange individual incentives. The worldwide known PURPLE businesses are Disney theme parks, soft toys, and souvenirs at airports all over the world. The result = 0% indicates that you have other living conditions.
7%pirosA fejlődő
13%kék The red-BLUE entry phase (<= 13%) is characterized by the appearance of a person’s attention to the consequences and future rewards, which replace egocentric RED impulsivity. The surrounding people are becoming more important as beings with rights and values. The BLUE is good at resolving issues related to preventive maintenance, inventory control and compliance with specifications - this is a specialist in field testing of equipment. The exit phase of BLUE-orange is characterized by the possible appearance of problems in business when BLUE-orange is engaged in negotiations to conclude contracts. The representatives of various parties listen to all parties, try to figure out how they can argue the opponent and win points. They do not think about how to reach an understanding and stop unnecessary games. Often, the discussions degenerate into scandals for defining basic concepts instead of discussing essential issues in order to mask the battle between players and their ego. The people with this MEME (values-attracting meta-meme) profile can easily become alternates or trusted people for blue-ORANGE, since this leadership style is preferable for them. The BLUE-orange arrogantly demonstrate their level of discipline and condemn the weakness of others. At the same time, they are working to exceed the standards. Such personalities are sometimes irresistible, almost manic seeking to do everything possible within the given boundaries. They are driven by the goal of exactly performing the task and completing the planned stage only in order to be ready in time and move on to the next item of the program. The perfection becomes the goal. When BLUE-orange comes to power, the trains do not just come on time - they become faster and more reliable, with a limited number of first-class seats being added. The particular emphasis is placed not on quantity, but on quality, the mentality of the manufacturers of Rolls-Royce or Lamborghini is very pronounced. The things are made individually, brought by hand and in exact agreement with the "methods of the old masters." The goal of BLUE-orange is not to make things expensive or catchy, but rather to be as correct as possible. The compliance with the BLUE-orange requirements is guaranteed through licensing, tests and permits. This type of thinking prevails in representatives of the fire services of most countries, in police departments, in professional military and narrow departmental scientific societies working in "ivory towers." The BLUE-orange-zone managers tend to motivate employees, gradually becoming compassionate dictators, demanding greater and faster results. Although assuring the opposite, they no longer perceive employees as living people, tend to treat them as hired workers and readily get rid of those who no longer comply with the principles of acceptable behavior or “break” under pressure. The people blocked by BLUE-orange thinking sooner or later come to a standstill. They reach the limit of their competence and can not move to a greater degree of complexity. The managers start digging in and build up authoritarian fiefdoms that work according to their expectations, but with high staff turnover, low morale and grumbling from controlled employees. A typical BLUE-orange level is “Napoleon” - a low-level bureaucrat in the civil service. Even the large corporations (for example, in the American automotive industry) are forced to make great efforts in order to avoid this situation and its inherent limited and hostile vision. It is at this level that various programs of “reengineering” or “total quality control” most often fail to achieve their goals. The positive side of BLUE-orange thinking is the distinctive ability to successfully organize cases and to accept responsibility in accordance with the guidelines (which allows you to avoid the appearance of censure, condemnation and criticism). Such people find dignity in regulating themselves and their environment, but always within the framework of proper and proper behavior. A person seeks to look good, honest, reliable and always prepared in the eyes of others.
20%narancs In the middle phase, ORANGE (13% - 26%) is characterized by its tough game. He introduces the concept of calculated risk and thinking of the type "who does not risk, he does not drink champagne". This is the world of the smart entrepreneur, professional baseball, cold-blooded (but responsible) project manager and the star-striped capitalist, who are in awe of BLUE on Saturday or Sunday, but can do “everything they need” to achieve goals during the week. In blue-ORANGE there is a huge literary market for selling the wisdom of experts. Although the general tone in this range is purposeful autonomy, the blue-ORANGE needs someone else nearby who can be blamed for failures, because (as in RED) the blame cannot be your own. The ability to delegate problems to superiors or transfer responsibility down to subordinates eases the greatly disturbing need to be responsible for everything and everyone. Being a manager, blue-ORANGE transfers to subordinates only an unimportant part of power, since from the height of his perch they are often seen as incompetent, unmotivated or just stupid. The real controls he holds in his hands. In such systems, bosses from the governing elite will certainly give each other fair bonuses, even if the company is in general decline. And of course, the same phenomenon is observed when unhealthy blue-ORANGE controls the association. As a result of competitive war games, the factories and the plants are closed, leaving workers outside, and their leaders continue to strain cappuccino with intermediaries. A useful feature of blue-ORANGE is the ability to excel in fast-start projects and in initiating action. However, this “man of ideas” can begin again and again, instead of bringing at least something to the end. He enjoys hunting, not from prey. He will have a lot of enthusiasm and many often brilliant initiatives, but they will be able to advance only if partners with complementary (no more than ORANGE) MEME’s (values-attracting meta-meme) intercept the baton. The attempts to impose teamwork on this lovingly betting system are a waste of energy, although “team building” is exactly the medicine that human resources departments often prescribe to solve blue-ORANGE problems. Although people in this range can use teams and appreciate the fruitful results of group activities, they never join them. Those entering the blue-ORANGE zone crave opportunities for self-expression and excellence. They are driven by ORANGE’s competitive zeal along with a belief in BLUE standards that need to be surpassed. The motivational workshops, self-help programs, boards of honor and meetings (“Hurray! Hurray!”) For sales give them the necessary impetus. Even computer games in which an evaluation account is conducted are tonic. Such an increase in the ego can give very positive and constructive results in productivity, especially when it is worth it and the energy is focused. The ORANGE-green exit phase is characterized by the fact that ORANGE is becoming a calm entrepreneur who succeeds with good chances and knows how to avoid bad deals and losing situations. The ORANGE-green thinking allows people to conduct very successful meetings and deals. They are not afraid of difficult situations, although they may not realize all their complexity. They settle things, smooth out conflicts, calm down heated emotions, act as useful troublemakers (trouble-shooters), become excellent concierges, head waiter or political campaign organizers. This is the thinking of an “adjutant” who can get what he needs, when he needs it, and at the same time leave all those cheated satisfied and aware that they could be useful to him. He always keeps a certain distance, and it is always clear where his ultimate loyalty is, but services are rendered smoothly and kindly. The victims of his crimes may even refuse to testify. When their dreams are not fulfilled, they are very upset and depressed, although, as a rule, not for long if ORANGE is stronger than GREEN. “Raise yourself, shake off the dust - and start all over again.” By this time, ORANGE had learned to use people and integrate them as resources for building mutual success. The hacker gangs involved in robbery on the Internet probably consist of representatives of this MEME’s (values-attracting meta-meme) profile, and in the CLOSED state they see nothing wrong with demonstrating their ingenuity at the expense of AT & T or Citybank. The ORANGE-green team members are fighting for medals against each other and at the same time they are concerned about the team competition. When the GREEN component is too low, the groups as a whole are weakened, as athletes try to cut each other without embarrassment, paying more attention to ORANGE awards than sports. Some ORANGE-green become excellent mentors in a corporate environment, excellent trainers.
27%zöldA fejlődő
27%sárgaA fejlődő
7%türkizA fejlődő
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