book-based test «Spiral Dynamics:
Mastering Values, Leadership, and
Change» (ISBN-13: 978-1405133562)

Applying of Spiral Dynamics in Understanding the Biggest Problems Facing the Country Through Statistical Correlations

This study analyzes survey data on perceived societal problems through the Spiral Dynamics developmental stages framework. Statistical correlations between public opinions and Spiral Dynamics color codes provide insights into shifting collective psychology. Comparing polls from 2019-2023 reveals evolving priorities, values, and worldviews. Key findings show inflation correlates with Orange achievement motivations, climate change with Green ecological awareness, and declining immigration concern indicates movement from Red security to Green inclusion. Tracking these correlations over time elucidates cultural evolution amidst volatility. This novel methodology demonstrates the potential for leaders across sectors to better understand diverse citizen mindsets and traversal of tumultuous times. While limitations exist, further research could advance psychosocial development analytics to decode complex societal psyches. In conclusion, applying Spiral Dynamics theory elucidates public perceptions, illuminating pathways for stability and progress.


This analysis examines perceived societal problems through the lens of Spiral Dynamics developmental stages. By statistically correlating public opinions on social issues with the psychology-based color codes of Spiral Dynamics, it becomes possible to understand shifting mindsets and motivations within populations. 

Spiral Dynamics categorizes human cognitive, moral, and value systems into eight color-coded stages - from Beige instinctual drives to Turquoise holistic thought. Each stage represents a distinct motivational focus.

ColorIn a lifeIn a business
TurquoiseThe Global visionSynthesis
YellowFlexible streamWin-Win-Win behaviour
GreenInterpersonal relationsSocial networks
OrangeCompetitionProject management
BlueThe power of truthBusiness Process Management
RedThe rule of forceStarting up a personal business
PurpleFamily relationsFamily relations
BeigeSurvivalOwn farm

Mapping societal problems like climate change or inflation to the different Spiral Dynamics color stages provides insight into how various groups perceive and prioritize these issues at each stage. Comparing correlation data across multiple surveys can reveal how worldviews evolve over time among traditional, modern, and postmodern population segments. 

This novel approach demonstrates the value of analyzing survey data on public perceptions of key issues through the Spiral Dynamics framework. It provides a more nuanced perspective into collective psychology amidst uncertainty and change.

This analysis examines perceived problem data through the Spiral Dynamics lens to clarify the shifting of public attitudes and priorities. Further research would help advance techniques for mapping perceptions to developmental models. In conclusion, correlating survey data on perceived problems to Spiral Dynamics stages has the potential for elucidating collective motivations and mindsets.

SDTEST Poll Data and Analysis  

The SDTEST poll “Biggest problems facing my country” asked respondents to set their country's biggest problems. Below you can read an abridged version of the results of our VUCA poll. The full results of our VUCA poll are available for free in the FAQ section after login or registration.

The rate of the priorities findings from the poll for 2022-05-17 – the current date you can see in the widget below on the tab Charts. The chart at the top displays the respondents' rate of the listed problems. The chart at the bottom displays the respondents' responses to the SDTEST by colors of the Spiral Dynamics. This factual data is used to calculate the correlation with the problems that respondents indicate in their answers.

It is important to note that the correlation values change in the online widget depending on the number of response results. Therefore, the values indicated in the text may not match the actual calculations displayed in the widget. The full results of our VUCA poll are free in the FAQ section after login or registration.

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